Saturday, August 7, 2010

Please folow my blog! I'll be your best friend!

A few years ago, right around the time I turned 30 I was living in Chicago and decided to right my memoirs, I've been fine tuning them ever since Now I realize that probably no one is interested in reading my memoirs, after all I am not historically significant like George Washington or Justin Bieber. I am not a true American Hero like Dr. Martin Luther King or Kate Gosselin. I have not overcome incredible adversity to become a source of great inspiration like Helen Keller or the myriad of skank hoes from The Hills! No, I am just an ordinary man. Yet I did grow up thinking I was a singular oddity and realized as an adult there were lots of boys like me. So I have decided to use this blog to share little snippets of my life story, which I hope you find amusing! And if there is one little gay kid out there who stumbles across it, I hope they find comfort!

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